Get a BETTER Life in 30 Days!

How to Change Your Life FOREVER and be a Better Person with Better Finances, Relationships, Success and Happiness!

"Your life WILL change when you're ready to change things!"
Shanel Cooper-Sykes


If you're seeking a life coach to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE --- eliminate bad habits, get unstuck from ruts, achieve your dreams, get to the next level of success and be who you're destined to be --- while living a fulfilling life... then I highly urge you to read every word of this letter.

I've designed a 30 day program that empowers you to OVERCOME everything that's blocking you from being the person you desire to be and achieving your personal and professional goals -- regardless of whether you're a success or miserable failure.

Dear Friend,

Let's get straight down to it.

Millions of people want a different life.

But very few are truly serious about making changes.

If you’ve reached a breaking point where you’re no longer willing to settle for less in your relationships, finances, achievements and lifestyle… or you’re unhappy with the way your life has turned out and where it’s headed…

…and you want a proven, practical ESCAPE ROUTE to begin living LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW — with more excitement, passion and fulfillment than you’ve had in the past 4 years, you're at the right place.

In this letter, I will show you and PROVE to you that you can avoid being stuck with a life you don’t want and change your life in 30 days using a powerful, revolutionary approach you’ve never seen before.

Regardless of how successful you are, how old you are, where you live, what your current circumstances may be, this could be the day you finally cut the cord to the RUBBER BANDS that keep snapping you back to your daily, routine habits. From this moment forward, you can RELEASE yourself to a different, better and new life that’s everything you ever imagined.

And you can do it in 4 weeks, using a step-by-step process that I’ve perfected over 5 years of coaching thousands of people all over the world. Many of whom were previously depressed, unsuccessful, rich, famous but WANTED a DIFFERENT set of results.

Before I reveal my simple 3 part formula to give you these exciting changes, I need to properly explain…

WHY 95% OF PEOPLE FAIL TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE and How to Join the Top 5% Who Live Happily Ever After

I recently read a report that stated only 33% of Americans are happy. That's it? No wonder the majority of people are CHAINED to the PRISON of a LIFE THEY DON'T LIKE. What's worse is, they don't have a clue of how to break out.

People always say, the key to being happy is to make better choices. But even when I made better choices, my life didn't change. There was something missing. I still didn't like the person I saw in the mirror, I still hated my job, my relationships, my finances and watched my life spiral out of control. So that took me to religion.

I remember studying all types of religion. I thought, if I just prayed more, believed more, went to church, and thought happy thoughts everything would be okay. Nothing could be further from the truth. What really changed my life was something completely and entirely different.

I'll talk more about this in a minute. For more than 5 years I've used my secret formula to help people overcome drug addictions, restore families, make a 6 figure income, gain the courage to get divorced, walk down the isle to get married and overcome odds that no one believed possible.

I believe anybody can change their life if they're motivated enough to make a change. In one case I helped a woman lose over 50 pounds. Don't discredit her journey, losing the weight was easy. Helping her dig within herself to overcome procrastination, self-defeat, failures of the past are factors that effect almost any person looking to change their life.

If you'll give me a few minutes, I'd like to show you this secret that will help you DIG DEEP to TURN OVER A NEW LEAF in your life --- no matter what you face or how difficult it may seem at this moment.


You probably want to know who I am before you continue. If you want me to help you change your life, you have to be willing to trust me with the deepest parts of you. This is much more private, personal and intimate than hiring someone to make your sandwich at your favorite restaurant.

My name is Shanel Cooper-Sykes. You've probably seen my Facebook posts, YouTube videos, or press and advertisements in Essence Magazine, The Boston Globe, USA Today or The New York Times. I'm known internationally as an author and expert life coach to over a million people who use my products, programs and services to improve their life.

For the past 5 years, my unique coaching methods have helped people lose weight, start businesses, improve their marriage, restore their self-image, escape depression, destroy debt and be happy with themselves and the life they live. In addition to being an expert, certified life coach, I’ve invested in many of the world’s best self-development programs, studied hundreds of books and logged over 1,000 hours in coaching people through real-life situations.

Part of the reason my clients get results is my unique ability to communicate stories, analogies that people can understand. Once they understand and can properly see themselves - who they are - and how they can make changes - it’s like a light bulb turns on.

They’re able to make changes in their brain, INSTANTLY that cause them to see what they’ve never seen before. New opportunities, new truths, new difficulties, new beliefs, new habits.

And after working with thousands of people in various situations, I’ve been able to look at the common denominators between them all to know the precise core issues that are at the root of ALL CHANGE, and how to effectively get almost ANYONE to make those changes very quickly. More on this in a minute.

Don't Even BOTHER Reading If You're One of These People

If you're looking for a cute little Sunday School story filled with happy thoughts, positive thinking and pats on the back…

... if you continue to believe your friends and family can give you Dr. Phil’s advice and “counsel” you into a better life (even though they're sinking in the same ship or WORSE than you)...

... if you are unwilling to take a serious, in-your-face, cold-honest truth approach to looking at your life...

... if you simply REFUSE to take simple, yet outrageously radical action to eliminate excuses and change your life...

... then I advise you to kindly exit this page right now. You'd be better off reading Facebook statuses from loosers who are too lazy to do anything except WHINE about COMPLAIN about their miserable life.

I’m not asking anyone to step out on faith and walk on water, my solutions only work for a specific type of person. The person who takes personal achievement serious and would trade the WORLD just for a chance to get real help to change their life. So if you're still here, I can reveal...

The SHOCKING Discovery That Changed My Life and
May Change Yours Too

It took some very painful realizations before I manifested the life of my dreams. I realized that regardless of how much YOU want to change your life, LIFE doesn't make change easy. Everytime I tried to change my life, I would "take one step forward and get knocked back 3."

For example, if your goal is to improve your finances, usually what happens is -- you'll start to get unexpected problems in other areas of your life. I found out the hard way, life usually generates circumstances faster than you can control them.

That's why even if you've read countless books, attended seminars, meet with their priest or pastor, you can still get bombarded by life's problems and circumstances when you try to change.

You could be successful and experience this. You could be married and experience this. You could be single and experience this. You could be broke college student eating noodles and experience this. We almost never take the time to focus on ALL the areas of our life within a certain time period, to get the results we desire.

Most have tried and failed and remain UNWILLING to do whatever it takes to create a real change, so they wake up everyday to repeat yesterday and nail their own coffin shut.


Realize their daily actions and daily behaviors become daily habits. Those habits become hardwired into the brain and become a “normal” way of life. Once you’re comfortable with a routine, it’s nearly impossible to break without proper help. Your routine creates a life that’s made up of choices you’ve made for relationships, self-image, career, finances, physical health and your overall happiness.

But you can’t get mad at yourself — there’s no such thing as a college campus called Change Your Life University. You’ve probably been taught to “take what you can get” or “accept what you’ve got” but deep down - whether you’re successful or unsuccessful - you yearn for more.

You’re not the only one. People with families, people with dreams, people who are desperate for change are yearning to improve themselves and change their life are constantly looking for ways to get better results.

So I created a process of peeling back all of the layers that have been holding you back from living a fabulous life. When you're serious about changing your life, it takes a rigorous, die-hard approach sometimes.

Maybe It's Time to Get Your ISH Together!

You see, you've probably been going through life with the way things are for several years now - kind of like a car without an oil change... and now you've reached a point where you have to do something. So what you must do - is GET YOUR ISH TOGETHER. Not just one part of your life. But all areas of your life. Because ALL areas of your life affect each other. The same way that having a flat tire effects how the rest of your car drives, there are areas of your life that have a DOMINO effect on each other.

When I say get your ISH together -- what I really mean is get your $hit together. (Excuse the language) But that's why I said in the beginning, if you haven't reached the point where you have NO OTHER OPTION, NO OTHER CHOICE, and you SIMPLY CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE...

... you may not be ready to hear the rest of what I have to say. On the other hand, I introduced this concept to several women in late 2009. I wanted to know if it could work for anyone besides me. And it did. Completely extraordinary, breakthrough results. It was really the beginning of my career as an official life-coach.

Since then, I've perfected the program and have been making it available and providing updates ever since. I created a step-by-step program that walks you through the steps of cleaning and detoxing your life - every area you can think of - to get your life running in smooth operation. What I came up with was...

30 Hours of Intense Life Coaching to Help People
Change Their Life in 30 Days

I painstakingly held the program LIVE every day for 30 days straight with over 1,200 men and women across the world. Each and every person had their own unique personality, lifestyle, dream and circumstance DIFFERENT than everyone else.

Yet, it was one of the most successful challenges in the world. And how could it not be, with over 30 hours of professional expert-life coaching, question and answer and hand-holding to guide people to make real change on the spot. The program is named...

(Get Your Ish Together)

30 Day Workshop Helps You Become a Better Person & Change Your Life Within 30 Days!

Step-By-Step, Daily Life Coaching To Build a Better Life
and Be a Better Person in 30 Days!

In this 30 day virtual workshop you will get step-by-step techniques and detailed plans to get every area of your life in order... and eliminate life's roadblocks and obstacles that show up unexpectedly and discourage you from crossing the FINISH LINE into the life, success and happiness you know you deserve.

REGARDLESS of your past upsets, present frustration, and future fears, you'll discover proven, practical techniques to make immediate, positive changes in your life. And because you're handed over 30 hours of groundbreaking step-by-step plans and coaching, you can be sure that you're making progress EVERY DAY. In other words...

... instead of taking 12 months or 12 years to change your life, you make PROGRESS with improving your life every time you listen to a NEW session. There's 30 of them. Over 30 hours of high-quality, laser focused information for every area of your life. If you attended this session LIVE, you would have to get up EVERY MORNING and every night to attend these sessions. Now, I've eliminated that problem.

You'll learn new techniques you can use IMMEDIATELY to begin shifting your life. here's no way you wouldn't get results from this program. You could have been sleep and still changed your life. Don't worry about getting motivated, there's a motivational message for each morning. Don't worry about getting discouraged, there's a session every day. It starts with the..

30 Minutes a Day to Change Your Life Easier, Faster and Better Than Anything You’ve Ever Tried?

My system is one of the most thorough personal development programs in the world and works with 3 simple steps : The life remodeler, habit crystalizer and time allocator. Before I explain them all, let me give you a little preview of what's actually included.

You might be inclined to think that my program isn't thorough enough, since I'm not "physically" there to coach you. But you'd be wrong. My system starts with the GYIT Life Remodeler. This is the heart-and-soul of GYIT and gives you all the training you need to make changes in your life.

I recognize that everyone is different with a unique situation, circumstance and desire. That's why I covered everything from A to Z in this program. That's right -- every aspect of your life, every feeling, every belief, every behavior that has an effect on your life gets ADDRESSED, DETOXED and IMPROVED.

We’ll take adequate time to cover everything from your fitness/health and body, Truth - Meditation, Discipline, Confidence, Faith, Money, Value, Passion, Appreciation, Action, Purpose, Forgiveness, Beliefs, Sex, Love, Happiness, Making Decisions, Acceptance, Relationships and much much more. Now what does this mean?

Whether you were looking to iomoprove your relationships, finances, or self-esteem, career or happiness,it's all covered.

But...Can It Work For Someone Like Me?

Sure Shanel...maybe it will work work for someone who has the ability to up and move to a state like New York but can it work for me...I mean, can it work for ME if I have 3 kids, 3 jobs and 3 different dreams at the age of 65? Very good questions. Everything you can dream of is covered in this program, in a minute I'll show you HOW it works, but first let me explain the type of situations it's been known to cover.

  • from being REJECTED by success to CREATING more success than you've known possible
  • from being BEATEN DOWN by financial circumstances to overcoming FINANCIAL downfall and maximizing your income
  • from being DROWNED by fears, doubts, insecurities and negative thinking to having faith, confidence and positivity to get through anything.
  • DEVASTED by job-loss, income loss, lay offs, mountains of debt and financial disaster that's keeping you up at night, desperate for money... chasing get rich quick schemes, considering bankruptcy, over-working yourself, praying just to survive another day, another week or another month...
  • STRUGGLING to have a life that you're proud of -- for you and your family -- struggling to feel consistent, constant happiness.
  • EXHAUSTED from the merry-go-round of emotions that are currently growing cobwebs in your mind, sabotaging your relationships, diminishing your power in life, diminishing your ability to have hope
  • MISSING OUT ON OPPORTUNITIES for advancement in life, or your career -- because your own anger issues, grudges, unforgiveness, hatred, resentment, mental roadblocks, fears, doubts, negative surroundings?
  • and other outrageous "problems" that have your life spinning out of control, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and with a hunger for a better life.


"It's Only Been 3 Days and It's Already Worth EVERY DIME"

WHAT!? After 3 little days - it's already worth the entire price of the program? Well when you think about it, I guess it would be worth the entire price of the program if you got a big breakthrough that would lead to more money, or emotional happiness.

See we were just getting started with the program, just going through the first assignments that were designed to force you to examine yourself... your belief and suddenly out of nowhere the chatroom started exploding with declarations of success already. How is this possible?


HABIT CRYSTALIZER : Although you want to improve these areas of your life, which 99% of programs focus on and individuals focus on, they’re unable to make the lasting change because they haven’t been taught how to properly “seal the deal” and put it in cement. So I’ve taken time to arrange specific classes to BUILD YOUR MUSCLE to BECOME A NEW PERSON - giving you a new system for getting results based on these components : decision making, action taking, discipline, faith and meditation.

Now that you have a different ENGINE for living daily, you can begin living differently.

TIME ALLOCATOR : The amazing part of this system is that it is 30 days, complete with a set of instructions for each day. So the time is already allocated for you, step-by-step. In order to get results, all you have to do is follow the days, one-by-one. Spend as much time on any particular lesson as necessary.

You’re never fixed to a regimen of MY pace or anyone else’s pace — you can go at your own pace. Even if you miss a day, you’ll still be able to get results because you can go at your own pace. What truly makes the program unique is the concentrated focus of spending time to commit to changing your life. In my program, I recorded over 30 hours of step-by-step training and coaching to help you get results. This may be the first time in your life that you’ll spend 1 hour of focus on EACH of the primary areas of your life. That’s the exact reason I can answer…

How Is it Really Possible to Change My Life in 30 Days or Less

Let me explain how this is possible. Imagine what would happen if you only went to work 36 times a year. Your paycheck would be very very tiny. Not because you didn’t work, but simply because you didn’t put in enough hours to get a BIG paycheck. But that's not all. You'd suffer the inability to pay bills, live a decent lifestyle and provide for your family. That's no way to live.

Changing your life works in a similar fashion. If you only focus on ONE area of your life, each week... you'll get discouraged, disappointed and frustrated with your progress and EVENTUALLY GIVE UP! People say it takes 21 days to change a habit. But most people have never been given a guidance plan for each of the 21 days.

Instead of spending ONE hour on each issue, EACH WEEK over the course of 36 weeks, you spend one hour on each area of your life EVERYDAY. This gives you concentrated focus on EACH and EVERY area, one-by-one to fine tune these areas of your life.You can go at your own pace, at your own convenience. But if you can somehow manage to 30 or 40 minutes a day, you can get results.

I’ve outlined the specific habits and behaviors that make dramatic shifts and changes in your behavior. You build muscle. You don’t go to the gym once a week and expect to lose 15 pounds, you go to the gym several times a week. In GYIT, you get your life together one-day-at-a-time, focusing and perfecting each area like a master crafter until you get the results you seek.

But I know that one of the most important issues is personal finances. The lack of financial freedom, the need of money, the misunderstanding of money and the deadly trap of acquiring money through one and only method -- working your regular job. You are probably handcuffed to circumstances, situations that you PREFER not to be in... but HAVE to be in, because of your financial situation or current pay salary. But here's...

Increasing Your Finances, Eliminating Debt Even When it Seems Impossible

Not having money is a curse from hell. You can't do anything, you feel like a bum, it drains your energy and it's annoying being rejected by friends who AVOID you because they know you're going to beg for money like a little 3 year old.

... all you do is spend night and day frustrated because you can't find some money - and it TAKES money to make money. You'd probably be making more money if you could just finish school, start your business, or invest in yourself. When I used technique #4 to get my ish together, MONEY CAME FLOODING into my life. This is the same technique Dawn used to fire her boss and start her own business. The trick is...

... finding value within yourself and using these special creative techniques to create ways to extract that value outwardly and get people to realize it, recognize it and desire it --- so they PAY you - in cash, really fast! But that's not all... some students use this same formula to get jobs when no one else is hiring.

But don't worry about it. Because it's IMPOSSIBLE TO DO unless you have clarity about your purpose and your plan which we uncovered in step #2. Oh... and another thing... that I forgot to mention is that Dawn was unlike most of my students --- she was in an impossible situation... buried in her job, didn't know how she was going to start her dream, like most people - but she listened to each of my recordings at least sixty-five times.

Then it was like a strike of lightning - she instinctively knew which steps to take to not only QUIT her job, but give herself that security of knowing she couldn't fail and her bills would be paid.

How A Former Employee FIRED HER BOSS & Started Her Own Successful Nail Salon in 8 Weeks

The inability to take action in difficult situations is a common stumbling block that keeps most people from breaking into the next phase of their life. But not for Dawn...

Take Dawn for example. She was working a 9 to 5 like any other average employee, until she discovered how to increase her believability using the specific steps I lay out on the self-esteem portion of GYIT. Do you know of anyone who's had the courage to FIRE their boss and start their own nail salon?

Listen to her testimony below.

With the financial improvement and self-esteem tips I give you... you'll quickly recognize your ability to create multiple-streams of income - and have a clear explanation of how to begin pulling down cash out of thin air... maybe even from the comfort of your own home.

Debt Elimination, Money Generation and Money Creation Techniques You've Never Heard Before

  • What CNN, ABC, FOX and people like Donald Trump NEVER tell you about FIXING YOUR BAD CREDIT SCORE... and how to rapidly get it under control within weeks instead of months.
  • How to become mentally rich, and why this comes first before anything else!
  • How to use a simple, foolproof method to attract and easily create more cash flow, even if you have no "special skills"
  • 3 critical questions to ask yourself before you EVER fill out a job application, or charge someone for your services - so you can finally get paid what you're worth!
  • How to stare your financial problems in the face fearlessly and FIX THEM
  • How God designed you to be rich, but most people aren't because religious institutions un-intentionally instill a few things that kind of... make it hard for you to GROW into richdom.
  • The easy way to move yourself from wanting more money to actually receiving it
  • How to expect more money and how to actually experience it (how does it feel to be rich)
  • The role of belief systems & money and the critical, vital change you must take to begin creating a reliable stream of income within a few short months
  • The Deadly Financial Limitations (nobody talks about these) that choke the hell out of your ability to think, live and enjoy life the way you've always wanted --- and how to get over them using these quick and easy methods.
  • and much more...

I'm not promising that you'll quit your job tomorrow and make a $500 a day as fast as Dawn did, but you could use these same powerful techniques to make an extra $400 every weekend by the end of his workshop. That's not a lot of money, but it's enough to have extra money to pay their rent, car note and insurance with ease.

Have you ever thought of how much easier it would be if you didn't have to spend all your energy working to pay life's necessities? Well... with the training I provide - I'll show you an easy way to begin making immediate, instant money from talents you already have — even if you can barely remember how to spell your name!

People All Over the World Give RAVE REVIEWS of My Books, Products and Life-Coaching... Here's Why


HOLLYWOOD Actress Gets EXTREME Focus, Writes Book And Gets Her ZEST for Life Back

You think you've got problems? I bet you do. But I have one student who lost her drive and passion for life. She's already done work for CSI, Greek, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and you've probably seen her in 2010 summer blockbuster movie Macruber. That's not the point.

Listen below to find out how she used some of the principles I taught in Stilettos in the Kitchen to regain focus and drive to pursue her career full force

Two of my students have built their own successful product line and have expanded to MULTIPLE locations and bring in LARGE sums of money. You may be wondering how this applies to you and your specific situation.

But you see, WHAT you ACHIEVE in life is determined by WHO you CHOSE to BE in life. Through this program, these two sisters got connected to the spiritual source in a new way that keeps them energized to not only run their business, but maintain a sense of happiness that fuels all the other areas of their life. When you see the video, you can see the success is written all over their face.

That's what happens when you learn how to increase your vibrations to create more happiness in your life. You arrive at a place where you're content... you're fulfilled... you've CROSSED over into that place where you are happy with the life you live.

What are People Saying about This Life Transformation Process?

Everything you read below is taken from real USTREAM chatrooms where the GYIT virtual training took place! The results speak for themselves. HUNDREDS of women and men are getting their ish together, and these statements don't lie!

"I feel like someone removed and took the curtain off my spirit. Now I have a heightened sense of life, in the present." -- GYIT Student


"...You gave me permission to work on my goals seriously. I have a lot of energy and I feel revitalized."
--GYIT Student


"I wasn't sure about paying the $157 for this and I'm so glad I did! You are holding me accountable for my actions, language and changing my own life."
--GYIT Student


Why settle to be happy in one area when you can get your ish together, and have true happiness in all areas of your life? Listen to their testimony below...

Start Living Your FUTURE... Right Now!

Changing Your Current Life to Live Your Future Life

Take a moment to imagine your new life... waking up each day refreshed, in control of your day and happy with the life you live. Confident to pursue your dreams, increase your finances, double your success, and live your life on purpose. Can you imagine this happening in the next 30 days?

I hope so. Because 30 days from now, your life will be night-and-day different than what it is now. I'm giving you everything you need - the exact steps, outlines, practical techniques to make a TOTAL 360. You may not LIKE everything I say, but you will be pleased with the results.

Afterall, his program gives you UNDENIABLE 5+ years of information, knowledge, experience and expertise in helping people of all walks, all ages, all circumstances CHANGE their life forever - in a process that is universal and applicable to almost anyone. After reading this far and seeing as many success stories, it would be nearly impossible to walk away without giving GYIT a try.


Here's What's Included with GYIT

  • 30 DAY Audio System
    A virtual 30 day personal success system that gives you hard-hitting, well-planned, high-level training to take you from chaos to organization, from organization to breakthrough, from breakthrough to maximum success, from maximum success to worldwide leadership.
  • 30 Day GYIT Journal
    Helps you get extreme clarity on what to focus on, and the progress you make - so you can avoid obstacles and track your progress using real-tangible results that you're getting throughout this course.
  • 30 Day GYIT Calendar
    Tells you exactly what to do for 30 days straight to re-arrange your life and get your ISH together.
  • 30 Days Daily Motivation
    You've already been receiving these 60 second power moments from my Facebook page. I have more to give you.

Plus... eavesdrop on the Q&A sessions and hear the tips, secrets and strategies that were revealed on 1 on 1 coaching sessions

In addition to the audio modules filled with coaching, you'll get access to listen in on the Q&A archives and hear from people who've had the same questions you have. This makes its so much easier for you to get the knowledge you need to get the breakthrough you've been waiting for.

You get immediate instant access -- ultra powerful training, instant access - even if it's 2AM in the morning.

FREE BONSUES When You Order Before Midnight

When you order right now, you'll also receive four powerful, free gifts to help you accelerate your progress!

BONUS #1 : GYIT 1.0 the 3 Day Virtual Workshop $147 Value


GYIT 1.0 is still powerful... not nearly as powerful as GYIT 2.0 - but you'll have immediate instant access to GYIT 1.0 as an extra bonus to help give you more information on how you can get your ish together, remove roadblocks, declutter and detoxify your life.

If you attended this course in 2009... then you know (once again) that this price tag is severely wrong. But I figured I would be modest. 3 days of intense training for only $147.


BONUS #7 : Cultivating Your Spirit ($47)


In this training course - I'll show you how to use the power of the INTERNET to get your business online, setup autoresponders and begin making money. There are some tricks of the trade that could boost your profits. Whether you sell things on E-bay, or start a consulting business, or have a general website.

I want to give you some tips, techniques and strategies that I've used to earn my living from the online world. I also include a special guest to help me prove the point and make it more useful. This is by far one of the most prized possessions of all the bonuses.

These bonuses equal a total of $597 in real value and will be given to you at no extra charge, as a FREE generous gift when you reserve your spot today.


It's not fluff. Not hype. Not rehashed information you've heard before. But coaching that will reach inside your soul, grip your brain cells and re-wire you for extreme life success. So it's worth every penny.

How Can I Get Started with GYIT?

Remember, my hourly fee starts at $400 per hour. In this life-coaching in a box system, you get over 37 hours of intense step-by-step, results-guaranteed coaching from an experienced, expert life coach. If you do the math, this would equal $14,000. That may seem shocking to many.

But when you think about it, if you were to meet with a personal life coach 4 times a month at $200 an hour, you would still spend $800. But my system includes 37 hours... 37 x $200 = $7,400.00 That is literally how powerful this program is.

Fortunately, my system gives you everything you need to change your life and get the same results of hiring me (or any other life coach)... without the expensive fees. I'm not expecting or asking $7,400. I'm not even expecting half of that amount.

When I asked my students, nearly all of them offered to pay $797 for a 7 day version of this virtual workshop. But I know you need results and those results are going to require more than 7 days. So for this program, I've decided that it must be 30 days, but it MUST be affordable for almost anyone. I'm not sure how long this will last, but for now... that's what I've decided.

So I've priced the program at $397. That's almost the fee of 1 hour of life-coaching. Essentially, you get 36 extra hours of coaching absolutely free!

No matter how you look at it, this is the equivalent of paying $10 a day to meet with a life coach for the next 30 days! If you still believe that's too expensive for your own life, then I might be inclined to think you are NOT serious about changing your life. Because YOUR LIFE is worth far more than $10 a day.

However, for the next 24 hours, I'm testing out some options on Facebook as you probably know. So I'm offering a special 50% discount to anyone who registers through this link and gives a recommendation to at least one person on Facebook.

So, when you order now, you can get the entire program for only $197.

That's less than $5 a day. And I KNOW your future and your life is worth more than that.

If you've seen the previews, you've heard the testimonials, you know that you can't afford to miss this. Take advantage of this opportunity to change your life!!!

No extra payments. No complicated billing. Just one easy payment. Click the button below to claim your package.


One Payment of $197


You're Covered by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Take 90 Days to Try It Out RISK-FREE!
90-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.


All I ask is for you to try it. Take a full 90 days risk-free if you'd like. Listen to the audios, do the exercies, see if you don't feel better, see if you don't make progress. See if you aren't more satisfied with your progress and improvements.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason...even if you think you wasted your time or haven't gotten any results... I'll gladly give you every penny of your money back! No questions asked!

Even if you cancel, I'll STILL let you keep everything! So there's absolutely no risk on your part. I'm absolutely convinced you'll get results from this program. Click here to get started now.

Will Your Life Get Better or Worse In the Next 30 Days?

You're reading this message because you want to be a better person, improve the quality of your life, relationships, success and happiness. And in this letter, I've shown you exactly how to avoid trial-and-error and finally get those results faster and easier than anything you've tried before.

I've shown you that taking the next 30 days to improve your life using this process forces you to see every area of your life at one time instead of dealing with a new problem every month and discouraging you from making progress at all.

Even though we've discussed all this, you may wonder if RIGHT NOW is even the best time to take this journey. Here's something to think about, you came here right NOW, because you want a CHANGE right now. There is no other time except right now.

Yes, you can ignore this message, go back to your normal life. But doing so means you're already repeating behaviors that are keeping you stuck in the life you already have. In order to get a new result, you have to reach a point where you're ready to take different action. Take action right now.

Because right now, there's at least a POSSIBILITY that things will change for the better while you're in my program. If I'm wrong, you get your money back. However... if you chose to totally walk away, there's a gravity like force that guarantees things will be the same for you. We both know, that is not what you want.

Join me for the next 30 days and let's change your life. Let's get what YOU want out of life. This will literally rearrange your thoughts, FORCE the excuses out of your mind, to ERASE all your doubts, fears and problems and make them BOW to you. But don't guess whether or not GYIT will work for you, just try it at my complete risk and see what happens.

By the time we're done... you'll look like, feel like and behave like a different person. All I'm asking for is 30 days. Just try it.



Shanel Cooper-Sykes


P.S. Let me ask you a question, if you don't take this opportunity now, will you have a better life 30 days from now... or not?

Probably not. You'll be in the same exact spot you're in today, wishing things were different but they won't be. You'll get sabotaged by the same bad habits, same frustrations, problems and challenges... but you'll be STUCK repeating the same life you've been living for the past few years.

That's not what I want for you. This is a real opportunity to get guidance of someone who's already helped thousands of women and men break through their personal barriers to change their life forever.

P.P.S. This program comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. So in the rare event it doesn't give you satisfactory results, you get every penny of your money back. I'm not interested in wasting your time and if you don't feel it was worth the money, I don't want it. I'll be swift to refund your money and hope that you find the support and empowerment you need somewhere else. So don't hesitate, do what your heart is telling you to do and get started with GYIT right now while you're ready for success.



Be extraordinary.