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I'll Show You How To UNLEASH Your "Beast" Instincts to Succeed at Your Most "IMPOSSIBLE" Challenges, Goals and Dreams

(Warning... This Is For Serious Entrepreneurs, Dreamers, Achievers & Individuals Only)

Dear Extraordinary Friend,

I don't care whether you're working to get your business off the ground, working to get a job promotion, or working to be the best housewife that ever lived.

It makes no difference how many times you've struggled... how terrified you are of your past failures, defeats... how discouraged you've been because of emotional abuse and lack of support from friends, family and strangers...

You're only achieving HALF (if that much) of your true potential in your personal and professional life --- simply because you don't know how to stay motivated to reach your goals!

Simply because you don't know how to unleash your inner "beast" to overcome your habits of laziness,  procrastination and hesitation. Simply because you don't know how to use your beast mode to DETOX your life from the things that stand in the way of achieving your goals.

Secret Self-Motivation Techniques Used By The World's SUCCESSFUL Few... and Envied by Many

Almost everyone you KNOW unleashes their "beast mode" from time to time. Celebrities like...

Tyler Perry, Jim Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Simon Cowell, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Mo'Nique, Idris Elba, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, J. K. Rowlings (Harry Potter), Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney.

Countless other celebrities and people all around the world have tapped their inner beast-mode to turn the most humiliating defeats into incredible life-changing victories.

Goals can only be achieved when you have motivation. Motivation is what allows you to FOLLOW-THROUGH and take action, even when times get hard. The more actions you take consistently, the easier and faster it is to achieve that goal. Now here's the problem... you can't be MOTIVATED if you're mentally drowning in drama, excuses, circumstances, fears, past hurts, past failures.

Weak motivation (or no motivation at all) means constant stumbling blocks, weak performance, goals get lost in the shuffle, no momentum, no follow through, sucked back into the hustle of everyday life.

Constant, consistent motivation means more actions taken, more confidence, less discouragement less set-backs and goals large and small get achieved faster than ever before!



If you are struggling to FOLLOW through and reach your goals because you have FEARS of getting hurt, being alone, loneliness, past failures, not good enough, unworthy, rejection, bad habits, being hurt

... or you are DEADLOCKED because of your past - Sexual Assaults, Failed Marriages, False Religion, Abusive Family, toxic relationships, pains, beliefs from childhood, child's father, baby mama

These 7 days will push you and force you to develop the DISCIPLINE, CONFIDENCE, PATIENCE, TIME-MANAGEMENT, STRESS, DISTRACTIONS, LAZINESS, CONSISTENCY necessary to Achieve Your Goals in 2011 and BEYOND.

BEASTIFICATION WEEK is your personal demolition plan to DESTROY fear, ANNIHILIATE obstacles, ELIMINATE excuses, REVERSE circumstances, KILL uncertainty, ZAP doubts, DIFFUSE uncertainties, ERASE stress, CANCEL toxic relationships, BREAK bad habits, MELT excess weight and SHATTER everything that's been standing between you and your goal.

For a minimum of 7 days - you will be FORCED to live your life in a new way to prepare your mind to achieve goals faster and easier than ever before.

Beaten by his father, overwhelmed with shame, confused about his sexuality Tyler Perry overcame it all. In response to what his molester did to him, and how he overcame his situation Tyler Perry says:

"he gave me something to carry that I didn't want, that I didn't desire. And thank God, somewhere along the way, I found what you feed will grow in your life, and what you don't will starve."

Beast Mode Superpowers You'll Learn In This Class

  • How to take a BIG BOLD action WITHOUT A PLAN and still maintain security and confidence you've made the right decision (and can continue on the right path!)
  • How to use adrenaline in the proper way to get best results
  • What FEAR is and how to use it to achieve more goals, faster than you thought possible!
  • How to eliminate WORRY (PULL it from the back of your mind, and destroy it so it doesn't weigh you down all day everyday)
  • How to focus in on your internal GPS so you can get more focus, operate from instinct, listen to your intuition, follow your gut, and experience faith
  • What is the worst that can happen - the 1 question that may STOP fear the second it creeps into your mind
  • How to use fear in the right way.
  • Rumble in your gut, palms sweat, butterflies. Learn how to listen to your intuition
  • Do something that will take a lot of courage... something you've been putting off doing, a job, or calling someone, a crush, being FORWARD, DIRECT, applying for a loan.
  • Release any and all fearful feelings that I have in my mind, body and spirit... and I will preserve those feelings for their purpose in act of fulfill. But today it is full of faith and belief that I am in the midst of fulfilling my life's purpose.
  • Disconnect Secrets - makes it easy to get rid of things, people, circumstances you're comfortable with... but need to let go of.
  • How to turn an affirmation into a declaration - there's a big difference between the results you get when you use a declaration. (I've never shared this information before)

7 Hardcore "BEAST MODES" That Allow You to WORK-LESS and Achieve Success Easier & Faster!

Clarity Beast Mode - who you are and what it is that you want.

Elimination Beast Mode - we destroy physical, emotional, mental things. Move stuff around, mattress, clean the walls, totally cleanse your house, cleanse your car, old clothes, raggedy cars, GET RID OF THE TRASH.

Take Tyler Perry for example... he could have easily been defeated by the emotional pain... by the feelings of shame, embarrassment and confusion that surrounded his life. You would have NEVER watched "House of Payne"... you would have never seen "Madea's Family Reunion" or "Daddy's Little Girls" or "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and you wouldn't even know Madea.

How is he able to crank out HIT movies every year and maintain two successful TV shows? Besides his beast-mode superpowers he developed while living in his car for 3 years... he had to get rid of some negative energy in his life. But not the way normal people do... listen to his take:

My students have used my Elimination Beast Mode Superpowers to STARVE the negative energy in their life garbage, trash, negative thoughts, negative feelings out of their life.

Things you never thought you'd never get rid of. Cleanse your body. Crap sleeping in your colon. Clean up the bathroom. Thoughts in your mind. Burn them. Call up your girlfriends, delete her number, delete her from your life. Negative-thinking friends.

Visualize Beast Mode- close your eyes, millionaire, can you verbalize it, say it, mean it and believe it. How to verbalize your vision. Have to say it so God can hear you and make it happen for you.

Planning Beast Mode - vision boards, concrete plan for the rest of the year. A plan to actually lose and release pounds. Plan to make it happen. Vision wall. Plan. Plan on a tiny calendar. Spread it out on your entire house. Plan of action. Don't start your year out with a plan of failures.

But What if My Goal is Something Really CRAZY... What if it's just to Be A Better Person?


Beast Mode #7 - Increases Your Spiritual Connection with God... so NOTHING is Impossible

What the most successful people in the world know, that others don't know -- is to take a pause and simply "talk to God" about it. Let him lead the way.

And that's exactly what will happen in Beastification Week when we strengthen your Spirituality Beast Mode...

... because nothing REALLY happens without God's help! Even if you don't believe in God, you must learn how to strengthen your intuition as you go on your jouney. You must strengthen the inner-light, within yourself, the higher-powers that keep you going strong when times going hard.

I'll show you a simple and easy way to pray and get real-life results. I'll not only show you the easiest way to pray and talk to God, but I'll show you how to hear him LOUD and CLEAR as if he were sitting next to you.

Now, you'll know he's speaking to you telling you where to go and what to do!

What are People Saying About Beastification Week

and if that wasn't enough... if you STILL feel like you don't have time - or your life is too busy listen to what one of my students in CHINA has to say about Beastification Week.

What's Included In Beast Mode SUPERPOWERS

When you join now, you'll get access to Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7 of this powerful 7 day journey. Here's what's included.

Beastification Journal/Manual includes the full in-depth process of Beastification Week word-for-word. This full manual walks you through the 7 phases of Beastification Week, how to use the "energy booster" exercise routine to start your day with an exciting surge of energy, how to use declarations instead of affirmations to virtually command things to come into existence in your life, what the "hour of power" is and how you to use this 60 minute time period to work on your goal, achieve milestones and plan success.

But it also includes brand NEW juicing recipes, 10 best protein packed foods, breakfast recipes (including a delicious, mouth-watering whole-grain waffle recipe --- it'll melt in your mouth),

25 Minute Energy Booster - Doctors and scientists all over the world confirm that exercise builds brain power and also elevates your mood. This 25 minute energy and mood boosting exercise routine energizes you to tackle your biggest problems, increases your productivity, all while getting the natural benefits of a power-workout - in the comfort of your own home. It's safe, easy and fun!

Daily Assignment - this audio MP3 emailed to you every day gives you verbal cues and instructions on what to do and how to achieve things throughout the day. Think of it like me standing over your shoulder drilling you to stay motivated and stay focused.

Pledge Call - You will join me and hundreds of other entrepreneurs, visionaries, individuals all over the world as we recite our daily pledge. The purpose? To get it instilled in your subconscious mind that you are destined for greatness, you are moving forward in the right directions --- and your goal will be achieved in record breaking time!

NIGHT Beast Mode Lesson - I'll drill information, tasks, assignments, tips, and secrets into your mind and show you how to develop the failsafe mindset of a ROBOT to stay focused, stay motivated, achieve tasks, and be successful in anything you set your mind to achieve.

A TOTAL $197 VALUE is Being Offered to You For Less than HALF PRICE

For the mental torment, skipped achievements, and failures you will endure by NOT taking

Earlier this year, hundreds of people used this system to achieve goals, stay motivated and make 2011 their best year ever. They invested over $129 for this special training. And guess what they said...

But if gaining these Beast Mode Superpowers can destroy your obstacles and make it easier for you to stay motivated and follow through with your goals - it's worth it.

FORTUNATELY because it's my Spring Cleaning sale you don't have to pay this fee. Granted you're not getting the full kit with LIVE 1 on 1 training, but you'll still get the entire audio program for each of the 7 days. And you pay only a fraction of the price.

When you start today, you can get this entire 7 day kit for ONLY $57.

But that's just for the next 3 days only.

Right now, you take absolutely no-risk with my IRONCLAD 90-Day 100% RISK FREE, GET WEEKLY RESULTS-or-YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! It's simple...



Try the amazing power of the Beastification Mindset for a full 90 days at my complete risk! First, test these techniqes for one full month for non-stop motivation towards achieving your most "impossible" goals!

You must DOUBLE your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth --- within the next 7 days or your money back! You absolutely must achieve ONE previously unaccomplished milestone towards reaching your goal within 7 days --- or your money back!

As an extra added assurance--- Beastification Mindset must continue motivate you to take BIG POWERFUL actions FOR the next THREE MONTHS -- or your money back --- and you can STILL keep everything I've sent you.

No matter what happens, even if you decide you're unsatisfied with your results after 7 days - you can claim your refund and still keep everything! But you must order now while this offer is still available!


What you walk away with, is over 7 hours of intense, hardcore training to re-program yourself like a robot with the mindset you need to CONSISTENTLY stay motivated, CONSISTENTLY follow-through on your plans, CONSISTENTLY take actions and CONSISTENTLY reach milestones, goals and achievements.

You'll keep this momentum going week after week and month after month - until you arrive at the FINISH line of achieving your goal; whether your goal is to become a Pro Athlete, buy a house, start a diet, or finish Grad School!



Shanel Cooper-Sykes


P.S. So let me ask you... are you serious about moving your life forward? It's okay if you aren't. Maybe you'll be ready to actually move forward in 2013 - because although I offer Beastification once a year... I've already decided I WILL NOT offer this training in 2012.