"LOVE it! When I say that EVERY woman (of every age) should have this book, I mean it. You, Ms. Shanel Cooper-Sykes, are a blessing!" - Brandy


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I love it. It has taught me so much about myself. I’m already making progress in getting rid of the deadweight out of my life. Thank you so much for being an inspiration too me!


I have just finished reading it and I loved the practical, empowering advice that it offers. I have been on my journey of self-development for a few years now and I am pleased, after reading your book, to clarify that I have already started implementing some of the necessary changes that I need to make in order to get my ‘ish’ together.


Shanel! Shanel! Shanel!…. Gurlie…… I LOVE THE BOOK… I read the entire book in one sitting…. the WHOLE THING! Again I say… I love that book! I feel so enlightened you have no idea…. I just want to tell you that you have been an inspiration and truly a blessing in my life….Now that I have “Gotten my ISH Together” I am ready to walk into my birth rite of being a “Domestic Goddess”. Again I say THANK YOU!


I’m reading and learning already… My head was pounding I snatched up the Excedrin so fast it was scary… before I took it I was like hmmů didn’t Shanel just say Ii should listen to my body not ignore it! THANKS GIRL the book is terrific! I’m hooked!


This book has given me a confidence that I never new I had. I’m a different woman!


I love how you break down the kitchen and how powerful it is for a woman to cook- I’ve been married for 3 years an I never cook. My husband does it all- but you have inspired me to take back my role in my house! I’m redoing my kitchen and going to the grocery store to stock up! My husband will be so shocked! Thank you Shanel for the inspiration.

This book is amazing! You’ve changed my vision of life, and how a woman can behave!


Wow am I motivated! My vision board is up n running.. learnin to love myself more everyday… thank you for inspiring me!!!


LOVE it! When I say that EVERY woman (of every age) should have this book, I mean it. You, Ms. Shanel Cooper-Sykes, are a Blessing!!


Great reading for every lady who is learning to be her best self!! Thanks for sharing your gift, Shanel!


Let me tell you; I’ve had a difficult summer-everything that could go wrong has gone wrong-one thing after another. So, it’s easy to fall into a depression and stay in bed. But your tele-conferences, and your book have been so motivational. they’ve helped me channel all those negative feelings into productivity. I’ve started taking better care of myself, being more active, and I’ve signed up for a photography class. Really, you have inspired me to grow! Thank you Shanel!


I’ve realized why I cant find a good man! It’s me, and all the things I’ve been saying to myself! Thank you Shanel for opening my eyes!


I tried your “Famous Mac N Cheese” the other night! And my boyfriend proposed the next day!!! LOLů Stilettos in the Kitchen does work!


I cant express my gratitude enough! I have a newfound mind set about men, money, love and life! And yes- I will be dusting off my stilettos!


That Stiletto Body Ritual is extremely POWERFUL! I see a difference in my mind and energy already! I cant wait to officially say “I have a Stiletto Body!”


WOW- I can finally see clearly. No more clutter, no more mess and no more drama in my life! Thank you for the wake-up call!


THANKYOU I have learned so much and really look forward to a better me on it’s way you have been a wonderful influence in my life and what you taught sticks in my head xxxxx


My God… I just love looking at the replay on your recent UStream Video. Wooooooh! That was some really great information you talked about. You give me the answers to how to get focus when you have so many ideas to be successful.


Ever since I came across you I have been seriously working on my personal development. Girl! I was so messed up with friends and man and money and directions and angry, and fear. But the time is healing me and I Got You as my Mentor. I am good to go.


I want to simply say, “Thank you” for being who you are! I’ve only known of you or almost a month and in that time I’ve watched every video you have on Facebook and UStream. You are such an awesome woman… extraordinary! I’ve learned a lot from you and already I’ve seen personal growth.