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How to Be Sexy, Savvy and Empowered in Your Life, Relationships and Finances

This book is for the woman who is unsatisfied with living a normal, ordinary life. This book contains the most empowering, uplifting message you've read in years. Contained in these pages, you'll discover an enlightening journey that will reignite your passion.

You will restore your beauty in ways that make you more attractive, more engaging to anyone who dares pass you on the street. Suddenly, right before your eyes they will think you were a HOLLYWOOD supermodel who stepped out of a magazine. You'll AWAKEN the passion inside of you that has been snoring lazily for years and years in your soul. Page, by page, minute by minute you'll re-fuel the engine of your life with JOY, EXCITEMENT and ZEST for a higher life.

The problems that currently weigh on your mind will evaporate into thin air, as you REMEMBER that you are a Domestic Goddess worthy of living the most extraordinary life you've ever dreamed of. From gaining INSPIRATION to chase your dreams, expert advice on MULTIPLYING your money, to attracting sophisticated, handsome, and loving MEN who are just WAITING to love you unconditionally, to mouth-watering, delicious soulful recipes that will nourish your spirit... this book Stilettos in the Kitchen, is truly a Godsend.

It's sexy. It's invigorating. It's inspiring and empowering. This is NOT a novel. This is NOT a love story. And this book can not be found anywhere else. Stilettos in the Kitchen is a wonderfully written book for women who are EMBRACING their feminine energy -- and desperately ready to live a sexy, savvy and sophisticated life. You'll get insider secrets on how to MAKE MONEY with zero money, almost as if it came out of thin air.

You'll get professional, beauty SECRETS that make heads turn twice! You'll get advice on MEN and RELATIONSHIPS that you've never heard anywhere else. You'll get proven, plans to reawaken your dreams, experience self-love, pursue your passion and live a fabulous and extraordinary lifestyle.

Author Shanel Cooper-Sykes, reviewed by ESSENCE Magazine, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee-Simmons, Simon T. Bailey, Les Brown and over 100,000 women worldwide reveals the modern woman's guide to being a Domestic Goddess! and Be Sexy, Savvy and Empowered in the Kitchen and in Your Life .

15+ Ways This Book Increases Your Feminine Energy, Grows Your Bank Account and Gives You Fulfilling Relationships with Men (and Yourself)

Whether you're 19 or 69, this book will awaken the woman inside of you, the dreamer inside of you, the entrepreneur inside of you, the sexy woman you dream to be. You'll feel like a brand new woman with renewed faith about living the life you were destined to live.

Any typical celebrity-endorsed "women's empowerment book" can make it seem easy to change your life overnight. But find me one that is not only motivational, but explains how to do it quickly and effectively.


Think about it: A recipe is a list of essential ingredients, with the instructions on how to use these to prepare a possibly delicious outcome. Well, ladies, that’s all this life is : a recipe! You just need to find your recipe for your perfect life!

Think about all of the things you want and need for your life to be fulfilled, complete, and happy. Then, start thinking about the ‘ingredients’ you need to turn your recipes into realities—like a cup of courage, a heap of focus, and a dash of restraint when it comes to spending unnecessary money.

Maybe you need an ounce of patience when working out to get your perfect body or when trying to attract your soul mate. Or even a generous serving of self-reflection so you can find the guts to get out of your dead-end job and find a career that pays the bills but also nourishes your soul.


From unproductive habits to spending habits, from unhealthy relationships to amazing, spirit-filled, relationships with men, from negative thinking to positive outlooks, I cover everything in step-by-step detail, in a pretty and fresh layout to keep you engaged, excited and interested in living an extraordinary life. More than anything else, you must realize, this is not an ordinary book.

This book is a TOOL. You'll use this book to LIVE a brand new life, the same way you use your cell-phone to get through your day! As you rise to this extraordinary new level, MEN, CO-WORKERS, FRIENDS and FAMILY will say "WOW! What happened to you!"

That's because, you're becoming an extraordinary woman, a one-in-a-million woman - chasing your dreams, on your way to 6 figure, 7 figure status, pursuing your passions, experiencing love, letting go of your past and moving into your future. A rare feature of 99% of women today!

Use Your Domestic Goddess Power to Attract Your Future Husband or Supercharge Your Relationship

You should be treated like a royal queen, held and caressed every night, kissed on your forehead, bathed, pampered, and spoiled rotten like a true Domestic Goddess.

I talked about this in my most popular YouTube video "All Men Are Dogs" when I got the impression that most women want to find a good man, don't know where to look, what to do and how to keep him.

There are several things most women just don't understand about themselves... and about their "mentality" towards relationships and men, that keep them from finding their future husband. Women who already have relationships are missing out on romance, appreciation and intimacy because of fears, beliefs and "baggage" from the past.

In Stilettos in the Kitchen, I reveal steps to unlock your relationship power. Plus, you'll see a little-known method that will rapidly change the way men perceive you, which in turn causes higher quality men to be attracted to you. When you unlock this hidden power, it will make it easy for you to steer clear of the time-wasting, energy sucking relationships.

Very rarely does a man come across a woman who knows how to re-invent herself, who is powerful, confident, understanding... a woman who knows how to get go of her baggage, and represent him well by looking like a true beautiful goddess in the way she talks, stands, walks and acts. It comes natural to you, because you follow these simple, yet powerful habits.

How to Make Money with No Money, Eliminate Debt and Increase Your Cashflow

Whoever said “money isn’t everything” probably didn’t have any. Money is important. Everything on the face of this planet is run by money. From the house you live in, to the food you eat, to the quality of life you live; it's all controlled by money!

There is nothing wrong about wanting money or realizing the importance of money. It’s not being greedy or materialistic. It’s called being practical, being smart. But for many women, their relationship with money is almost as bad as their relationships with men.

You probably know someone who marches around saying money isn’t important. She lives in an impoverished neighborhood, never has enough to pay her bills, and is limited to a little, tiny life. It's a very depressing life. It isn't supposed to be this way.

Most women never figure out how to make money - or make money come to them! But in Chapter 6, I reveal the concept of being a money magnet and becoming "Mentally Rich."

I'll show you the keys to attract more money faster than you can spend it. The truth is, acquiring money starts with your mind. You may be putting the brakes on money, without even knowing it. You'll realize powerful new ways to build a relationship with money, so it chases YOU instead of you chasing it!

If you already have more money than you need, this won't help. But if you're a student, mother, wife or woman who's looking to be debt free, move up the career ladder, start a businesses or get a whole lot richer, then you'll want to read this chapter. It could help you earn six figures or become a millionaire in record breaking time.

They perceive you as a high-caliber woman, with more energy, with something special. Instead of walking like a hunchback, energy-less woman, you'll discover how to walk with POWER - even when your feet hurt wearing 6" stilettos.

But that's just the beginning of the sexy training. You'll also learn the T-STANCE and the TUMMY TUCK, two powerful secrets used by celebrities, models and world class women all over the world to look, feel and display extreme, stellar confidence.

Being a Sexy, Empowered Woman With Amazing Relationships,

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"I don't normally follow life-coaches, but Shanel's teachings are second to none. What this woman is doing with Stilettos in the Kitchen to empower, inspire and motivate women is very necessary. I give her all my support"

~ Kim D.

"The Mind Over Money chapter was painful for me. But it's exactly what I needed because my financial life is already getting better thanks to you! Thanks Shanel."

~ Denise H.

"I'm divorced, 39 with 3 kids, and haven't been on the dating scene in a while. I see some things I need to improve about myself as a woman. I've struggled with self-worth issues for a long time, but this gives me a good starting point for improvement."

~ Monica M

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"Shanel's book changed my life. Not long ago, I was feeling beneath myself, unqualified, unworthy, unhappy and confused. I'm a mother of 2, 38 yrs old. And even at this age, I feel like I'm connected to my purpose and have something ahead of me to look forward to. I haven't had that feeling in a long time. Thank you for giving me my life back! You are a Godsend."

~ Donna R.