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Stilettos in the Kitchen
Chapter 11 'Gold Digging 101' Where is Your Treasure?

You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I can see you now: reading through the table of contents, seeing “Gold Diggin’ 101,” and scrambling to get to this chapter.

Did you really think, after all of this, that I was going to show you how to use men for money? If you did, you need to flip back to page one and start reading from the beginning!

Here is what I am going to teach you: How to dig your own gold and create a rich life for yourself. You are a valuable woman. You have a hidden treasure within you that is just waiting to be discovered.

You don’t need a man to buy you things and take care of you. And what makes you think he wants to spend his hard-earned money on some needy chick anyway? If he does, well, we all know what he expects in return.

Here’s what real gold digging is: using your God-given gifts, talents, and abilities to create the life you want. Becoming rich in self-love, in spirit, and in life so when a man does come along, you are overflowing with treasures and he only adds value to what you already have.

Women who call themselves “gold diggers”—or they probably don’t call themselves that, but we all know that’s what they are—and chase men for money and material things are pathetic. Having some random guy drop a load of cash on you so you can walk around laced in things that you know you can’t afford yourself does not make you special. And being trophy pieces, arm candy, or a “wifey” of a “baller” is nothing spectacular either. Do you know how common, average, and simple-minded that makes you? Let me tell you what men really thing of women like that: NOTHING. That’s right....

“ I heard about Shanel Cooper-Sykes, but I had to see for myself what everyone was talking about. She has totally changed how I see myself and the world. She's everything they said she would be : powerful! Get this book. Please!"

~ Allison J.

"I don't normally follow life-coaches, but Shanel's teachings are second to none. What this woman is doing with Stilettos in the Kitchen to empower, inspire and motivate women is very necessary. I give her all my support"

~ Kim D.

"The Mind Over Money chapter was painful for me. But it's exactly what I needed because my financial life is already getting better thanks to you! Thanks Shanel."

~ Denise H.

"I'm divorced, 39 with 3 kids, and haven't been on the dating scene in a while. I see some things I need to improve about myself as a woman. I've struggled with self-worth issues for a long time, but this gives me a good starting point for improvement."

~ Monica M

"It took me a while to make this purchase, but I did it just to see if it was worth it. I don't know where you came from but I feel like a brand new woman already. I haven't even finished the book!"

~ Janet S.

"Shanel's book changed my life. Not long ago, I was feeling beneath myself, unqualified, unworthy, unhappy and confused. I'm a mother of 2, 38 yrs old. And even at this age, I feel like I'm connected to my purpose and have something ahead of me to look forward to. I haven't had that feeling in a long time. Thank you for giving me my life back! You are a Godsend."

~ Donna R.