Stiletto University Bootcamp
How to Live the Extraordinary Life and UNLEASH The Sexy, Confident & Extraordinary Woman Within!

There are two types of women. Average women and extraordinary women. Extraordinary women are exceptional, world-class women who demand the finer things in life and refuse to settle for less than they truly deserve. They demand high-caliber relationships, high-incomes, high-satisfaction in life and everything they do.

These wives, mothers, executives, business leaders and other sophisticated, sexy and savvy women take extreme pride in their womanhood. She captives the attention from everyone around her, when she speaks people listen, when she walks people notice, she is powerful, she is graceful, she is drop dead gorgeous, she exudes a level of confidence that most women only dream of... and she is living within her purpose, achieving her dreams, fulfilling her destiny and a true domestic goddess --- the rare woman that EVERY man dreams of and every woman envies.

If you're ready to join the extraordinary league of women --- reclaim your sexiness, confidence and heighten your womanhood to a world-class level, then Stiletto University is for you.

Inside, you'll get expert tips, secrets and training on charm and etiquette, beauty and skincare, relationship improvement, lifestyle enhancement techniques from life coach Shanel Cooper-Sykes.

Stiletto University is not for everyone. It's not a traditional school that you attend with a University Professor. It's not for the woman who is comfortable being average, ordinary and living a bording or mundane life.

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