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This NEW book is for women who want to elevate their femininity to a superior level... to be in a higher class of extraordinary women. To attract the FINEST men, the BEST jobs and have a FAIRYTALE of HAPPINESS most women could never imagine!

You love to be the woman who STANDS OUT IN A CROWD as sophisticated lady, gorgeous goddess that makes heads turn. It's for the woman who wants the confidence of a HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTAR in everything she does --- from the way she showers to the way she communicates with her man.

"Woman Habits" reveals 50 Habits that instantly transform your home, personal, professional life from average to extraordinary. Now, you can use these 50 Habits in your daily routine to achieve the WOW FACTOR that attracts men, money and happiness in your life.

Shanel Cooper-Sykes, a certified life coach and charm and etiquette expert, releases "Woman Habits" to help women inject a punchy POP into their life.

"How a woman carries herself determines the type of MEN and OPPORTUNITIES she attracts." says Cooper-Sykes. "This book empowers women to elevate their femininity to a bold new heights with more elegance, more class and sophistication."


11 Ways This Book Help You Attract Men, Money and Happiness Unlike Anything You've Seen Before (Preview 11 of the 50 Habits)

After gaining the attention of RUSSELL SIMMONS, KIMORA LEE SIMMONS, Essence Magazine and thousands of women all over the world with her first book; Shanel Cooper-Sykes, takes time to help women

The certified life-coach, former Mac Cosmetics consultant, massage therapist and professional model reveals stunning beauty, relationship, communication, cleaning, cooking and personal enrichment tips that you've never seen or heard before.

The book gives in-depth, step-by-step details of how to implement these habits, a tip from Shanel Cooper-Sykes in addition to powerful life-changing stories that help you understand why these habits are necessary for being a top-notch woman in today's world.

How to Attract GOOD Men Who Respect You, Love You and Treat You Like a Goddess

When was the last time a man pulled out a chair for you? Complimented your Louboutins? Put you first? Proposed to you? When you follow these habits, you'll naturally attract higher caliber men into your life.

If you wanted to attract a man... then you would be glad for Habit #45 - Act Like a Lady Think Like A Woman, because it gives you valuable tips on how and why you should think like a woman in order to attract men naturally, without force, struggle and strain.

Once you understand how to use Habit #43 to Protect Your Relationship, you'll know how to keep a good man when you find one. Including Habit #49 - "Lay Hands On Him" gives you tips on how to give a professional-quality massage to a man.

Which is more than most women will ever know how to give their man. I also give you tips on how to keep your vagina pretty, how to keep your vagina "tasty", how to keep your vagina tight, how to wear perfume, the correct way to smell like a woman, not a girl, how to keep your body supple, soft and beautiful, the correct way to keep your PURSE looking sexy, and how to turn an ordinary home into a heavenly oasis... and much, much more.

Very rarely does a man come across a woman who knows how to re-invent herself, who is powerful, confident, understanding... a woman who knows how to let go of her baggage, and represent him well by looking like a true beautiful goddess in the way she talks, stands, walks and acts. It comes natural to you, because you follow these simple, yet powerful habits.

How to Increase Your Sexiness and Gain More Confidence, Respect and Power as a Woman

How can a book help you increase your sexiness? For example, in Habit #11 you'll discover practical advice on how to reinvent yourself as a woman --- stay mysterious, keep people anticipating and anxious to see you walk in a room.

You'll be one of the few women with the power to to switch your supermodel look, to a laid back relaxed style, and put together personal styles in a heartbeat.

In Habit # 26 I give you tips on how to stand and walk in an 8 count. Most women have never heard of this, which is great... because it gives you an advantage to TURN HEADS EVERYWHERE YOU WALK because you walk with such grace, elegance and confidence that people stumble over themselves.

They perceive you as a high-caliber woman, with more energy, with something special. Instead of walking like a hunchback, energy-less woman, you'll discover how to walk with POWER - even when your feet hurt wearing 6" stilettos. But that's just the beginning of the sexy training. You'll also learn the T-STANCE and the TUMMY TUCK, two powerful secrets used by celebrities, models and world class women all over the world to look, feel and display extreme, stellar confidence.

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This isn't a book, it's a make-over in a book. A book that helps you get more compliments from strangers... gets your skin glowing, gets your skin feeling smooth and soft, gets people STARE at YOU as if you were on a magazine cover.

When you apply these secrets,you'll gain a refined, renewed look, and take your femininity to a ridiculous new level. Try these habits. See if it doesn't help you enhance your natural beauty. See if there isn't a dramatic effect on your personality, skin complexion and attitude toward life. All you have to do is read and apply these secrets.

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Be extraordinary.

“ Wasn't expecting to learn so much that I didn't know about being a woman. I will never shower the way I used to ever again. So glad I came across this.”

~ Kenya B.

"I thought I'd heard it all but this book opened my eyes to some NEW things I could improve within myself as well as old things I didn't need to carry around with me anymore. Thank you Shanel."

~ Michelle W.

"WOW. OMG!!! The tips on how to stand, wear stilettos, and display confidence have already helped me. Normally people don't compliment me when I wear Stilettos, but I seemed to get a lot more compliments than usual yesterday. Thank you sooo much."

~ Karen S.

"I'm divorced, 39 with 3 kids, and haven't been on the dating scene in a while. I see some things I need to improve about myself as a woman. I've struggled with self-worth issues for a long time, but this gives me a good starting point for improvement."

~ Monica M

"I just bought this out of sheer curiosity, but I'm glad I did. There's so many things I've been doing wrong my whole life, I never would have known unless I bought this book. Oh, and the skin care and kegel exercises are FIRE!!!"

~ Janet S.

"You went IN on those relationship tips, that was worth the entire book for me. I needed the reminder & you put me in check Thank you!!!"

~ Simone L.

"If you're a woman, and you want to be more feminine, more sexy & more goddess-like... get this book. It will show you how "normal" you've been doing things, and how to really change the way you carry yourself and view yourself as a lady. Our mothers taught us well, but this takes it to a whole new level. Get it."

~ Rebecca R.