No more being stagnated, stuck, and waiting for the government, media, your employer, or whoever else to prescribe your new normal to you. It's time for you to connect to God and LEVEL UP.

Your Divine Power Pilot Journal - 1st Edition

Download your DIVINE POWER Journal and get access to the 7 disciplines I used to help keep me sane and plug me into my divinity.

What's inside:

You already know that everything has changed. And it might be hard to conceptualize, but NOTHING will remain the same.

So, it's time for us to discover our divine power and align with our divine Source energy (God) to guide us. It's a new time, my love. Trying to figure life through the lens of day-to-day survival will no longer work.

Download your DIVINE POWER Journal and get access to the 7 disciplines I used to help keep me sane and plug me into my divinity.

Now, I'm clear, recharged, and infused with a new sense of power, direction, sensuality, and compassion. So, I'm inviting you to join me for the next phase of my journey (and your journey too).

Inside your DIVINE POWER Journal —

  • The 7 principles I used to claw myself out of a hole of depression... rise like a phoenix to reclaim my power — and how you can too!

  • (Pg. 17) The unexpected combination of practices I discovered to unleash my DIVINE PLAN... And get on an aligned path where everything works! Incredible for getting unstuck and superbly inspired!

  • The "taboo" formula that everyone (wrongly) thinks you must avoid connecting to the Divine when really it's the opposite. This ONE FORMULA will change how you feel and experience your spiritual energy FOREVER! Read and practice it starting on page 9!

  • (Pg. 23) Why simply being teachable is not enough -- and how to make universal law your law... and have the universe work to bring you everything God desires for you!

  • The super-necessary disciplines to master a new relationship with God. MUST HAVE for those of us who KNOW there's more to our divine connection and want to MAXIMIZE OUR DIVINE POWER.

  • How to PREPARE for your divine power! Every superhero needs something to help channel their power! So how do you prepare to hold and harness all that godly divinity? Find out on page 35!

  • And there's still more! Download your journal now to get started accessing your divine power!

I want you along for this journey with me. But you have to take the first step.

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